The Bounceback

When you first hear, “Bounceback,” what are you envisioning? Are you seeing yourself at your best self? What is YOUR bounceback?

For my world, it’s a decision and an on-going journey. The decision: to not turn back to old habits or old living standards. It’s funny “back” is mentioned in “bounceback,” because truly, I want to be better than any previous moment in my life. Can you go back to how things were? I don’t think so. You’re wiser when you go through the muck. You’re are less naive. You can return to previous good habits. You can return to a consistent schedule. However, when you are experiencing a “bounceback,” it’s anything but returning backwards. The is where the journey lies, finding and working for the better life.

I have found that when trying to move forward, when wanting to better my life, I need to acknowledge what has blocked me. I have seen with others, and I have experienced it with myself, that when I just “sweep it under the rug” and move forward, WHATEVER was blocking me, is still there. It also has a BIGGER BITE and usually is more difficult to conquer, due to the decision on not wanting to address it.

What are some things I have not want to dealt with? I will open the door, and I hope that doing so I can help another. I do not need any sympathy or cookies…wait, I take back about the cookies. I like gooey chocolate chip, or gooey peanut butter, and no-bakes. Ah-hem. What I really mean is, I am kicking the door open to privy things and I am okay. I have worked through some mountains, I have accepted some realities of my life, I am healing and ever growing! This world is tough and all I want my story to do is be a beacon for another.

I will be writing about the beauty of life. In my life, beauty came the moment I was born. It came after some terrible, great, enormous storms. Yet, here I am. I am a finder of joy in life! I am living on from experiencing sexual abuse, PTSD, depression, postpartum depression, and an attempt of suicide. Today, I am LIVING a fully life with amazing roles; wife, mom of 2, hair artist, and healthy living advocate! This is my space to share with you of where I came from, where I am, and where I am going. If anything I have learned in this life can be of help to another, then here I go…

Lots of love from me to you!





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